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JOSH'S CHALLENGER S/E WEBSITE (Last updated 1/12/06)

Welcome to My  Challenger S/E Website.

My name is Josh. I am 15 years old. My site is dedicated to the restoration project of my 71 Dodge Challenger SE.

This is a JH23 Challenger two door coupe with most of the R/T and S/E options added at the factory.  Some of the options were:

Front Disc Brakes, 340 4bbl HP engine, Dual exhaust with the rectangular tips, Plaid upholstery, lower door panels carpeted, Overhead counsel, Custom Headliner, Lower stainless side trim,  Stainless trim on the door sills,  Luggage rack and Air conditioning.   The one option missing was the rally hood.                                                                                                                                     I hope you enjoy.

       The 2006 Challenger

see video @     http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/AutoshowArticles/articleId=108806                                 


I am a very lucky guy.  My grandfather gave me his 71 Challenger which has the SE package, all I need to do is put it back together.


My grandfather bought this car before I was born.  Saddly the car had been rolled and the roof was crushed. 

Unfortunatley my uncle James had a challenger that he wreaked; he hit a pole right at the firewall. So they took the roof from it and some other good parts and used them on this car.

Unfortunately the one my uncle had was not salvagable. :O(

So it went to the junk yard and crushed,


Before you even ask.  This car is not for Sale and will not be for sale.



The car was originally black with a white vinyl top.  I'm still tossing around what color I want to go with it.

Possibley blue with a black top.  We'll see.

I'm planning on putting a 318 in it for now but then later down the road I will put a 340 in it.  :O)

There is a lot to do but stay tuned this car will be awesome.


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Website created 12-27-2004

Updated last on 2/27/05



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